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20 July 2008 @ 02:59 pm
Warped Tour '08 recap (finally)  
So, I'm finally getting my lazy ass away from Jamie and posting a Warped recap. Because Warped was last Monday, and I just got around to showering last night. Be forewarned, this thing will EAT YOUR COMPUTER. So...

I got Jamie up at about 5:15(AM, people, she wasn't happy). I swear, she's not a morning person. Johnathan showed up at about 5:45, when we had just finished getting ready. So I made hot chocolate for everyone. That stuff put Johnathan on such a high, if I was anyone else I would have feared for my life. We finally got ready to go and loaded up the van, with Johnathan and I bouncing up and down. We had to make a Wal-Mart stop. And Wal-Mart decided people aren't happy enough, so they painted smiley faces in front of the store.

Our little family.

And then we hit the road. It was very foggy out that day. Like, really foggy. See?

And I asked Tabby what the purpose of a runaway truck ramp was. Because if it's uphill, wouldn't the truck just roll back down and hit someone? It makes no sense.

We stopped at one rest stop in North Carolina. It was very fancy. And apparently top-secret, because it wouldn't let us send pictures of it.

If you're just going to pee, why does that thing need to be so fancy?

Aren't we amazing?

About ten minutes down the road, we finally got to send the pictures to people. After about five failed attempts.

I snuck a picture of Johnathan. He hates cameras.

And of Jamie. Because I'm awesome.

There was a blimp in the sky. And Jamie was all, "It's a blimp!" and Johnathan and I were like, "say huh?" But there was.

Then Johnathan started geeking at the fact we didn't know it was there.

My problem with Warped? There's all kinds of awesome bands walking around, trying to sell CDs, and I cannot say no. I always had to listen to them, and I wanted every CD, so bad.

I did buy Barely Blind's CD, "The Way We Operate". It's lovely.

I can't remember the exact order, so here's a list of the CD's bought.
Dropout Year's "Best Friends For Never".
American Diary's "The Brightest Colors".
All Left Out's "The Conquest".
Every Avenue's "Shh. Just Go With It!"
Dead Legend's "The Chase". (I think.)

And bands you should check out but we didn't buy the album of.
Lights Out Dancing.
Mutton Hollow.
Karrigan. Who has their phone number posted on their MySpace. :]

I don't have a good picture of our bracelets, but me and Jamie had some that said "GABE", "GONNA", "GET YOU", and "HIGH". We were gonna give 'em to Gabe, but we never got a chance.

I got tired of standing, so I just plain sat down. And looked like a little kid.

Then started geeking at Johnathan, because he was afraid he would break his ticket.

It was really sunny like, all day. There was hardly any shade.

And this was all before the gates even opened.

We went to see A Cursive Memory. And saw these porta-johns.

With CAB ads on them.

A Cursive Memory was full of very cute boys. One of the vocalists actually was the one to tell us to go see them.

The girl at the Charlotte Sometimes tent had an awesome tip box. I don't know her name, but she was apparently amazing.

While Jamie and Tabby were there, Johnathan and I tried (and failed) to find A Cursive Memory's tent. On the way, we stopped at the Invisible Children booth. The guy sitting there was reading my shirt, which said "Bombing for peace is like [screwing] for virginity." Then he asked if he could take a picture of it. So I was like, sure. He took one on his phone and said he was gonna send it to all his friends in San Diego. Uh, awesome!

We went to see Gym Class Heroes. I wish I had gotten pictures of Travie's face. He was making GerardWay faces.

He was also introducing a song, and he said, "And apparently my girlfriend likes kissing girls, so..." because Katy Perry is awesome. He also said, "Ladies, put your pinkies in the air. I want to make you a pinky promise. But only if you keep your end. Tonight when your boyfriend is being an ass, or some sexy show comes on TV, promise me you'll think of my sexy ass!" I can't quite remember his side of the promise, but he's awesome. So very awesome.

They have a song now, "Peace Sign / Index Down" that's going to be on The Quilt. And it says, "Put up your peace signs, put your index down." Travie had everyone doing it. Because he is awesome. It was very awesome.

We waited a big then went to see Cobra Starship. I made it to barrier, but before the set started, some girls cut between me and Johnathan, Jamie, and Tabby. But I was beside this really awesome girl and this really awesome guy, who had an iPhone. Which I think you can see in some of the following pictures.

Victoria, honey, I really don't think that ensemble qualifies as clothing.

The hotass. AKA Alex Suarez.

He just knows he's hot. Even shaking a maraca.

Or letting us see his ass.

GabeSaporta has this thing for his crotch.

What did I tell you about that guy's phone?

And bending over. Now, spell "run"...

He's also a total goofball.

Of course, they did "Bring It!" I about died will Bill came out.

And I think I did die when Travie came out too.

Even when he was molesting poor Vicky-T. Or trying to make out with the cobra!cane.

Gabe has this thing for shaking his ass. See?

Or being a total cutie.

Or molesting Pleasure Ryland.

We didn't get to meet Cobra, but Flippy gave Gabe the picture of Dave doing FangsUp! She said Gabe said "Aw, thanks!" I love him so much.

Tabby and I got to meet TAI with out wonderful Cut Passes. It was awesome. I didn't get any pictures, because the rule list said, "One item signed, No cameras or pictures, No condoms signed." But they signed two of my things, because my Warped program was inside my shirt. So I got Jamie an autograph too. You can see their autographs on my shirt. (clear picture below).

It was just too hot though. So we headed out, even though I felt bad. Tabby never got to see Forever The Sickest Kids. :[

We took a picture with out "We <3 Lyn-Z" sign.

And Tabby took pictures of us sitting in the car.

Johnathan and I took them of my "tattoos".

I am Queen Douchebag!


To Write "L♥VE" On Her Arms.

Isn't he funny?

We stopped at Arby's, and this woman, her husband, and her son started talking to us right before we left, because Tabby and Jamie had to pee (again.) They were talking about how sunburned we were. Because, man, were we burned. It was kinda funny, actually.

I got some pretty pictures of the sun.

Johnathan took a picture of me and my Glamour Kills offer thingy.

It took me forever to realize what that really said.

So, Tabby's shirt:

She got lei'd at Warped.

My shirt, and my awesome lei-hair.

The backs of mine and Jamie's shirts:

"You like D&D, Audrey Hepburn, and Fangoria Harry Houdini and croquet..." "Face it. You're never going to make it."

And the group:

Johnathan left his hoodie in Tabby's van, so he had to come back for it. I laughed at him. Because I'm allowed to do that.

All in all, it was a good day. Now that I'm done with the recap, I can just bask in the memories.
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Tabbywhy_me_why_not on July 20th, 2008 11:25 pm (UTC)
Alex Suarez makes me happy.