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06 October 2008 @ 03:32 pm
Ha. I told y'all that I was writing fic for English, right? Well. Here it is. More of a ficlet, but whatever. In all its glow-in-the-dark-faerie-pirate goodness. why_me_why_not looked over it for me. <3

Brendon giggled as the crew got back on the ship. It was only a little after one in the morning, and he was glowing in the shadows. Nate and Alex were playing around, swinging their swords aimlessly.

“Ha!” Alex cried, jabbing past Nate’s arm. “Thou art lucky my shot is off.”

“Cut the English bull,” Victoria said. “And go help Gabe and Ryland. The little one’s nothing, but the other one is putting up a fight.”

Brendon watched as Nate and Alex disappeared off deck, only to reappear with a young man, twenty or twenty-one, between them. Close behind were Ryland and Gabe, dragging a surly-looking one along.

Brendon tore his eyes from the newcomers to watch as the ship moved into the rocky cave ahead, the clear water lapping across the boat’s bottom. He turned back to the captives, watching as their eyes widened at the sight of the glowing figures lining the dark walls. Then the figures moved.

“Holy crow!” the surly one cried.

“Shut it,” Victoria said.

“Pete’s coming,” Gabe said.

Moments later, Pete floated in from his quarters.

“Oh my God,” the big one said. “Glow in the dark.”

“Faerie,” the little one muttered.

“Can you not see it glowing?”

“Some fae glow,” the little one said, shrugging.

“Yes, we do,” Pete said. “Now, if you’re done? Thank you. I see that you are fashionable. My crew, quite obviously, is not. I need you to fix that.”

“Wait,” the big one said. “What?”

“You heard me, Spencer,” Pete said.

“Ry,” the big one - Spencer - said. “Ryan, he knows my name!”

“Thanks, idiot,” the other one, Ryan, said. “Now he knows mine too.” He turned to Pete. “So, what? You want me to design clothes and Spence here to handle ship-appropriate shoes?” He laughed, a small noise from the back of his throat.

“Yes,” Pete said with a smirk. “That’s exactly what I want.”

“You’re kidding me,” Spencer said. “Right?”

But the look on Pete’s face proved he wasn’t kidding. Spencer sighed, admitting defeat, and followed Gabe as he led them to the “Captives Quarters,” as Pete had so named the small space.

A month later, Spencer and Ryan had given the entire crew complete makeovers, and they hoped Pete would be happy. Of course, Pete was never quite satisfied, and he decided to keep them on full-time.

“Spence,” Brendon heard Ryan complain one night. “I miss Keltie. I’ve never been away this long. I can’t take much more.”

“Ryan, I know,” Spencer said. “Don’t you think I realize that? I don’t like being away from Haley either. But I can’t think of a way to get off of this ship.”

“Well,” Brendon said, making them jump. It was the first time he’d spoken to them. “I know a way.”

“Another glow-in-the-dark faerie,” Spencer said. “I’m losing my mind.”

“No,” Brendon said. “You’re still sane. But do you want to get off or not?”

“Yes,” Ryan piped up. “Yes, a million times, yes! How?"

“Well, if your friend here can deal with a little more abnormality,” Brendon said, “I have a friend.”

“He’ll put up with it,” Ryan said. “Just get us home.”

At midnight that night, Brendon was standing beside Ryan and Spencer’s escape. He eyed the beast with awe. Its tail was sweeping from side to side, a soft blue that scattered glitter across the deck. Its magenta eyes followed its owner’s every movement, just waiting for a signal of what it was supposed to do. Brendon fluttered up and perched atop its sharp horn.

“A purple unicorn,” Spencer said, shaking his head. “Unbelievable. There’s no way this is happening.”

“Oh, it’s happening,” Jon, the unicorn’s owner, said. He turned to Brendon. “When you told me to rescue the damsels in distress, this isn’t what I pictured. But whatever. We leaving or not?”

“Yes!” Ryan and Spencer cried in unison. They climbed onto the unicorn’s back, behind Jon, and they were off. Brendon watched them leave and headed back to Pete’s quarters. It wouldn’t be long before there were some new captives to set free.
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